Our Contract with the OPP

The contract for policing services is negotiated every 5 years between the Town of Petawawa and the Contract Branch of the OPP.

The current contract will require renewal in 2020. The contract costs for policing services to the Town in the past 5 years has been:

  • 2012 - $1.514,759
  • 2013 - $1,487,583  
  • 2014 - $1,573,323
  • 2015 - $1,743,000
  • 2016 - $1,752,555

All Ontario municipalities pay for OPP provided policing-related services using the same method and format. Each municipal property is assessed using two components.

A)      A “Base amount”, which reflects all the costs of training, outfitting and equipping a police service; and

B)      A reactive “calls for service” amount. Each time a Town resident calls the OPP for assistance, an assessed dollar value is applied to that call which reflects the time needed to address the individual call.


The costs associated with a municipality’s need for specialized services and investigative teams required for some situations are not charged back.

These services are requested and deployed under the direction and authority of the Detachment Commander .





  • The Town of Petawawa will be a safe, livable community where citizens can go about their daily activities in an environment without fear, risk of harm or injury.
  • Our community will receive policing-related services that are focused on crime prevention through education and the implementation of appropriate interventions and crime suppression techniques which are based on recognized best practices.
  • All policing- related efforts will be characterized by excellence, innovation and inclusiveness in the scope of delivery and provided by competent and compassionate personnel.

To that end, it is expected that policing services will partner with appropriate resource sectors of the community to work together in a coordinated and collaborative way to promote safety, manage risk, and increase the overall safety of all the Town’s residents and visitors.



To support and ensure strong and safety-minded neighborhoods.




To achieve this level of service the following objectives will be addressed by the Detachment Commander and he will institute operational directives / activities to:

  • Foster the concept of community partnership and ownership in maintaining a safe community;
  • Establish an active educational and operational program consistent with the vision;
  • Create, support and implement an effective illegal drug containment strategy
  • Serve as a partner in the safety support network for children, youth and families;
  • Provide supportive safety-related programs for seniors;
  • Support and partner with community agencies to institute effective protocols which address violence against women ;
  • Leverage technology to create operational efficiencies;
  • Ensure appropriate and professional interactions and communications by civilian, uniformed and auxiliary members of the UOV Detachment


Zone Patrols


The Detachment’s geographical area is divided into 4 current “Zones” for the purposes of designating officers to a particular working area.


The Town of Petawawa is patrolled by officers who belong to ZONE 1 which includes the entire Town of Petawawa as well as part of Highway 17 from Orange Road to Doran Road.


Although these officers may be called to assist other officers in other zones on special occasions, they primarily work in and around the Town.


They are supported in their daily work by detachment resources such as the Community Services Officer, Detectives, Traffic enforcement officers and the Marine Unit. Additionally they are supported by Provincial Resources such as the Emergency Response Team, Canine Unit, SAVE Team, Highway Safety Division and Aircraft Enforcement Unit.


Police officers normally are assigned to a "Zone" for an average of one year which allows them to develop good understanding of the area and an opportunity to establish cooperative working partnerships in the Town.


Inspector S. Neufeld, Detachment Commander

Ontario Provincial Police (Upper Ottawa Valley Detachment)


1913 Petawawa Blvd.
Pembroke, Ontario 
K8A 7H5


For non-emergency police calls, the OPP can be reached in the daytime at
(613) 735-0188 or after hours at 1-888-310-1122


Personnel at the Detachment are responsible for providing policing services to the Town of Petawawa, the Township of Laurentian Hills, the Township of Laurentian Valley, the Township of Head / Clara / Maria, and portions of the Townships of Admaston Bromley, Whitewater Region and North Algona Wilberforce. 

The detachment area is bordered by long stretch of Ottawa River which is inter-provincial border with Quebec. This river is monitored by the detachment’s Marine Unit.

The Town of Deep River has its own municipal police force.

Military Police are responsible for providing policing services for Garrison Petawawa and its designated housing sites located within the Town of Petawawa.





Civilian Policing Oversight Agencies and Contact Information


 Police oversight plays a vital role in supporting public trust in police services, their officers and the services they provide.

If YOU have a complaint about local policing actions, you can register it in any of the following ways:


1.      Visit or call the Detachment Commander at the OPP offices –

1913 Petawawa Blvd. 

Phone -  (613) 735-0188; 
Discuss your concerns one- on -one with the purpose or arranging for a resolution when and where possible.

 And / or

2.      Contact the Office of the Independent Police Review Director (OIPRD) 

email @ www.oiprd.on.ca 

phone -  416-327-4965

 This is an independent civilian oversight body - not staffed by police officers and no affiliation with any police service, reporting in an ‘arms-length’ relationship to the Ministry of the Attorney General.

  • It is responsible for resolving complaints (e.g., misconduct complaints) made by members of the public
  • It also reviews local police service decisions relating to public complaints at the request of complainants as well as issues of a systemic nature that give rise to complaints.

Director’s Report available at http://www.oiprd.on.ca/En/Pages/Home.aspx


And / or

3.   Contact the Ontario Civilian Police Commission (OCPC) -

Suite 605, 250 Dundas Street West 
Toronto, Ontario- M7A 2T3- email : SLASTOinfo@ontario.ca

Phone: 416-314-3004

Fax: 416-314-0198-

Toll free phone/ fax: 1-888-515-5005 / 1-888-311-7555


This is an independent civilian oversight body -
not staffed by police officers and no affiliation with any police service. It ...

  • Conducts investigations and inquiries into the conduct of chiefs of police, police officers, special constables and members of Police Services Boards
  • Hears appeals of police disciplinary penalties
  • Determines adequacy of police budgets
  • Approves the abolition of police forces
  • Takes measures if a police force fails to comply with prescribed standards




All OPP Detachments across the province including our UOV Detachment have implemented a “new” model of community policing. The model, as pictured describes how police and community can work together in making the community a safer place through a partnership of action.


It basically divides a community into 4 zones of safety from very safe to more unsafe and areas in between. It identifies areas where the police officers can concentrate their crime enforcement measures (red and yellow zones) while working with community members to continue to keep relatively safe areas (green and blue zones) safe or safer.


All of us have a role to play in keeping ourselves, our families and our neighbourhoods safe. Use your opportunity to contribute to Petawawa’s reputation of a safe community in which to live, work and play.