Responsibilities of the Board


Boards serve as a connection between the community and the police

The safety-related needs of the community of Petawawa help form the basis of the policing priorities and activities which are reflected in

the OPP “action plan” created in partnership with the Police Service’s Board and the Detachment Commander.

Effective communication between the board and the municipality is key to ensuring that the police service has the necessary infrastructure to deliver services that reflect community need. Through consultation with the municipality the Board is also required to ensure that the policing services being delivered are consistent with the overall goals and priorities of the municipality and complement those of other service providers in achieving community safety and wellbeing.



Legislated Responsibilities


Board members are legislatively tasked with three primary responsibilities through the Police Services Act:

1. Soliciting input into and establishing priorities, objectives and policies regarding the provision of police services - specifically to:

* Solicit and assess the community’s safety needs;

* Identify and define policing service expectations and outcomes with the Detachment Commander;

* ensure that police actions and inactions are consistent with community needs;

* Verify that the police’s organizational performance is congruent with legislation;

* Articulate in local policy any limitations to mitigate risk and avoid unintended consequences for the effective management of the police force, insofar as they do not conflict with established provincial policies

** It should be noted though that while the Board members communicate objectives for community safety to the

Detachment Commander and his/her delegate, the Board does not and will not interfere with the day to day operational activity of the Detachment or the officers and /or other personnel employed there.

2. Assisting with the process and participating in the selection of the OPP detachment commander;

3. Monitoring the performance of both the Detachment Commander and indirectly the police service.

* specifically to:

* Verify performances of and attainment of outcomes and expectations;

* Ensure proven adherence to any limitations identified in policies;

* Receive regular reports from the Detachment Commander on disclosures and decisions made under section 49 (secondary activities);

* Review the administration of the complaints system under Part V and receive regular reports from the Detachment Commander regarding administration of the complaints system.

Other assumed responsibilities


  • Acting as a liaison between Council and the O.P.P.
  • Communicating BOARD activities to the municipality
  • Lobbying for legislation changes or provincial policy reviews
  • Participating in provincial associations and educational training to keep current with both provincial and federal
  • Policing issues
  • Becoming aware of and utilizing local community and provincial resources which could support community safety
  • Pursuing partnerships with community members and organizations seeking greater involvement by the public and organizations.
  • Participation in public educational forums regarding crime prevention and safe practices




Eligibility Requirements

Citizens are eligible for appointment to the Town of Petawawa’s Police Services Board if they satisfy the eligibility requirements for appointment as set out in the Town’s municipal appointments criteria.

It should be noted that under the Police Services Act, persons are ineligible for appointment as members of the Board if they are:

  • a judge;
  • a justice of the peace;
  • a police officer; or
  • a person who practices criminal law as a defence counsel.


Citizen members of the Petawawa Police Services Board should collectively demonstrate a range of qualifications including:

  • an interest in and commitment to public safety and responsible police governance;
  • an understanding of the police community, its values and its needs;
  • superior skills in leadership and management;
  • administrative and budgetary experience;
  • dedication to public service and the community;
  • skills in conflict management, negotiation and mediation;
  • an ability to set organizational goals and priorities; and
  • an ability to meet time commitments of the position.

The Board


The Town of Petawawa Police Services Board is composed of three members, as mandated by the Police Services Act of Ontario. One member is a member of the Town's municipal Council either the head of Council or delegate, a member appointed by the Province of Ontario and a volunteer member of the community appointed by Council.



Council Appointee


Appointment to this singular position normally occurs every 4 years following the municipal election when a new Council requests public applications for established Committees of Council. While the term of the appointment may vary, it is usually for the term of Council but it is always at the pleasure of Council.

Interested Town residents are advised to contact the CAO at the Town offices- 1111 Victoria Street – 613-687-5536 for further information regarding application times and process.


Provincial Appointee


How to Apply for a Provincial Appointment


– please see -



Treena Lemay

Council Member


Pauline Wilson

Municipal Appointee


Sharon Dainty

Provincial Appointee




Board Goals - 2017

    1. Ensure governance responsibilities are met through policy review and updates.

    2. Develop focused educational programmes on discouraging distracted driving.

    3. Use  e-cop and other strategies / programmes to provide educational data to help decrease calls for service.

    4. Increase the visibility of the Police Services Board and the community’s awareness of the relationship between the Board and Town residents.
    5. Conduct a community-wide survey to help identify any Petawawa residents’ issues / concerns related to the policing services and the maintenance of a safe community.

SHOWCASE - April 28 - 30



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Board Meetings & Meeting Minutes


For the current year, Board meetings are scheduled for the third Wednesday of each month. The meetings are held in the Town of Petawawa municipal offices

1111 Victoria Street,
Petawawa, ON and begin at 1 pm.


They are open to everyone.

Please note that occasionally, the meeting date is changed as a result of a scheduling conflict. Please check with the Board’s Administrative Resource Staff member at 613-687-5536 to verify the date.


Board minutes are posted here on the website for the year and then archived. Hard copies can be made available.



Comparison Data of Annual Policing Activities